01 Mar

Transport Minister calls for improved service from PTSC

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan has called on the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to do more to improve its service to the public. He made the call...

25 Jan

NGC CNG president: Make PBR a green route

The removal of taxes on vehicles manufactured to use compressed natural gas (CNG) is one of many incentives for citizens to convert to that fuel, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan...

12 Jan

More CNG stations coming

National Gas Company (NGC) Group of Companies chairman, Gerry Brooks, has described the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), initiative as a major contributing factor in the reduction of the nation’s multi-billion...

12 Jan

NGC chairman: Petrotrin to be re-engineered

Chairman of the NGC Group of Companies Gerry C Brooks said yesterday that a number of re-engineering options are being considered for cash-strapped Petrotrin. Although he steered clear of...

12 Jan

Re-engineer Petrotrin, says Brooks

State-owned Petrotrin should consider re-engineering itself if it is to remain relevant and competitive, says chairman of the National Gas Company (NGC) Gerry Brooks. Brooks was speaking yesterday at...

29 Nov

National Standard for CNG Vehicular Fuel Systems

This article is courtesy the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards and was published in the Energy Magazine in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper on Thursday November 24th 2016.

04 Nov

New CNG incentives coming

To stimulate demand for compressed natural gas vehicles, NGC CNG Company Limited has set a target of November 1 for increased conversions to CNG as the company rolls out...

25 Oct

Southern Sales Ltd explores CNG options

The Guardian - Southern Sales and Service Limited wants to add vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to its range. Reyaz Ahamad, Kia brand director and member of...

24 Oct

The Water And Sewerage Authority (WASA) invitation to Tender

[tnc-pdf-viewer-image file="https://www.cng.co.tt/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/WTC2016-032-WASA-tender.pdf" target="_parent" download="true" print="true" fullscreen="true" share="true" zoom="true" open="true" pagenav="true" logo="true" find="true" language="en-US" class="" text="" page="" default_zoom="auto"][/tnc-pdf-viewer-image]  

28 Sep

CNG vehicle sales better than expected

Sales of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have exceeded expectations so far this year, Curtis Mohammed, president of National Gas Company (NGC), said on Wednesday. He said the company’s...

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