27 Apr

CNG Vehicle Management System Launched

Joint Press Release from NGC CNG & Fujitsu Caribbean
NGC CNG & Fujitsu Caribbean sign contract to install a Vehicle Management System.
April 25th- The NGC CNG Company Limited and Fujitsu Caribbean (Trinidad) Limited have signed a contract to operationalize a nationwide CNG Vehicle Management System (CVMS) which will improve the security and safety of drivers who operate CNG fuelled vehicles in the country.

The contract was signed by NGC CNG President Curtis Mohammed and Jean-Paul Dookie, EVP and Head of Managed Infrastructure Services, Fujitsu Caribbean; at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain Trinidad, Tuesday April 25th, 2017.

The CVMS will see the installation of tamper-proof Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags on vehicles whose owners opt-in to the CNG fuel program. The RFID tags will be recognised by custom-designed reader antennas, which will be built into the nozzles that dispense CNG fuel at service stations across the country. When the driver of a RFID-enabled vehicle wishes to refill with CNG fuel, the software that supports the solution will scan the RFID tag on the vehicle and dispense fuel only after the tag is validated. A tag is valid once the CNG system was installed by a licensed converter and the vehicle meets the inspection schedule of the CNG kit and tank.

This automated system is designed for speed, accuracy, reliability, safety and security. It allows for quick authorization at the pump, both online and offline, expediting refuelling for CNG customers. The core vehicle database will be stored locally in a secure Datacentre and used for vehicle verification at the pump. Fuelling data will also be captured directly from the pumps allowing fleet managers greater insight into usage patterns for on-going system planning as well as enhanced reporting for performance and safety purposes. From a security point of view, RFID tags offer a more secure solution than other forms of identification, reducing fraud and protecting customers’ information.

According to Curtis Mohammed President of NGC CNG, the CVMS will be a key part of the CNG industry in Trinidad and Tobago. He said, “NGC CNG is operating in the realm of fuel supply and demand creation as well as ensuring that a sustainable industry is put in place with the necessary institutional supports and fortifications. A CNG Vehicle inspection program is therefore critical for ensuring a safe and sustainable industry for the ultimate customer as well as supply stations.”

Fujitsu Caribbean has designed the CVMS for Trinidad and Tobago with its solution partner, Orpak USA, which is a leading international provider of automated, vehicle fuel dispensing systems. Orpak has an installed base of 25,000 fuelling stations and 5 million vehicles worldwide.

Jean-Paul Dookie, EVP, Fujitsu Caribbean and Head of Managed Infrastructure Services said, “We are proud to partner with NGC CNG on this important milestone. The successful implementation of this solution will ultimately have a direct impact on the uptake of the CNG initiative within the population of Trinidad and Tobago. It will also drive an increase in environmental sustainability and improve safety and security of drivers using CNG fuel. For us, the Orpak automated RFID vehicle identification system is unique in that it provides a totally secure refuelling solution, which is an added advantage for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. It provides the highest degree of verification, ultimately contributing to reduced incidents and increased safety for consumers. We are very happy to be working with NGC CNG, who will now join other leading fuel retailers worldwide operating Orpak FuelOmat on their networks."
The CVMS will be installed and tested first on NGC’s own CNG vehicle fleet before it is rolled out across the country.

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