24 Oct

Private Vehicles Sponsored CNG Conversion General Information Sheet

NGC CNG Company Limited (‘the Company’) Private Vehicles Sponsored Conversion Competition (“Competition”) is in keeping with the holistic plan (‘the Mandate’) by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (‘GORTT’) to incentivize the use of Compressed Natural Gas (‘CNG’) as a major transportation fuel in Trinidad and Tobago.

This Competition will run in a three (3) week consecutive period across eleven (11) CNG Service Stations, subject to limitations stipulated below, by the Company in recognition of the Mandate of the Government, and targets private registered gasoline light passenger vehicles owners who wish to convert their gasoline vehicle to a bi-fuel vehicle utilizing CNG.

The total prizes that can be won in the Competition are One Hundred (100) Gasoline to CNG Conversions at each of the Eleven (11) CNG service stations totalling One Thousand, One Hundred (1,100) Gasoline to CNG Conversions.

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