OEM CNG Vehicles - Commercial

100 % CNG Freightliner truck, available from ANSA Motors, 625 2277.
Clean, Powerful, Efficient

Freightliner Trucks’ Business Class M2 112,

Freightliner Trucks’ Business Class M2 112,

Freightliner Trucks’ Business Class M2 112, can be specified to utilize natural gas, one of the most abundant, efficient and clean-burning fuels on earth. Available with liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tanks, our natural gas trucks and tractors are designed for high performance in a broad range of applications

M2 Natural Gas Truck

Freightliner’s versatile, severe-duty truck, the 114SD NG, combines the performance features of the diesel-powered 114SD with the benefits of a Cummins Westport ISL G 8.9 natural-gas engine. Anticipate significant fuel cost savings, smart design and sturdy construction in a natural gas truck with set-back axles.

Hyundai Mighty CNG 3 and 5 tonne options available from Massy Motors

Hyundai Might CNG Truck

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Hyundai Mighty CNG Spec Sheet

Isuzu 7.5 Tonne

This vehicle is ideal for distribution, dry goods and beverage companies transporting dry goods as well as hardware.

Available from Southern Sales and Services. Contact at 627-5623 or 653-4654

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Sales Representative - KENDALL KHELAWAN

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