The Many Reasons to Switch to CNG

  • Goes the Distance – CNG is compressed so that enough fuel can be stored in your vehicle. One litre of CNG will take you as far as one litre of gasoline.
  • New and Improved Technology – Unlike older technology which was bulky and required frequent fill-ups, CNG-ready vehicles don’t sacrifice space to utility and CNG conversion kits include smaller tanks than ever before. In addition, visits to the gas station will be faster than ever as quicker-filling CNG pumps are expected to fill the average vehicle in less than three minutes.
  • Safe Performance – CNG components are refined to international standards and are tested to ensure safe performance. CNG fuel systems are also sealed to prevent any leakages.
  • More Power – Natural gas has a higher octane rating than premium gasoline, which results in overall improved vehicle performance and a quieter engine.
  • Peak Engine Function – CNG contains no additives and burns cleanly, leaving no by-products of combustion to contaminate your spark plugs or engine oil. Your engine functions at peak output for longer periods and your engine oil remains clean resulting in minimised engine wear.
  • Economically Priced – CNG is currently a third of the price of super gasoline. Make the switch and drive your daily route for three days with the same amount you spend on gasoline today.
  • Low Maintenance – CNG fuel burns cleanly and is non-corrosive. This reduces the damage to the pipes, mufflers and spark plugs of your vehicle. It also releases fewer by-products into motor oil meaning fewer oil changes and overall lower maintenance costs.

The Bigger Picture – Cheaper, Cleaner, Safer, Greener

  • Cheaper – The conversion to CNG by heavy users such as taxis and fleet owners is projected to create annual savings of up to $1.5 billion over the next five years. A further $2.7 billion dollars can then be earned by the sale of the liquid fuel displaced by CNG at unsubsidised rates on the open market.
  • Safer – Because CNG is lighter than air and has a higher ignition temperature, it has an admirable safety record in comparison to other vehicular fuels.
  • Cleaner and Greener – CNG is cleaner burning and, therefore, more environmentally responsible than conventional liquid fuels. In fact, it gives off 95% less carbon monoxide emissions, and this could help reduce the impact of the transportation sector on Trinidad and Tobago’s carbon footprint by as much as 15%.