Switching your vehicle to CNG from traditional fuels can provide dramatic savings. Try our CNG Savings Calculator to compare how much you could save if you switch - and how little it will take for the cost of conversion to pay for itself!

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$Litres Bought
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Savings are calculated based on the cost of using CNG litres compared to the amount of regular fuel you would have purchased in your budget. Actual savings will depend on an individual’s driving patterns, vehicle type, conversion kit performance and load. Figures provided in our saving calculator are estimates and NGC CNG is not liable for differences between the estimate and the actual.


Quick Info

What is the current price of refuelling with CNG?

At today’s prices 15 litres of CNG will cost 15 dollars. Its important to note, one litre gasoline equivalent of CNG will take you the same distance as one litre of gasoline.

How far will a full tank of CNG take me?

A typical passenger car converted to use CNG or an OEM CNG vehicle normally have a capacity of approximately 15 litres gasoline equivalent of CNG, which can take you depending on your driving habits up to 200km.

What options do I have for converting my vehicle to use CNG fuel?

– Mono-fuel vehicles use 100% CNG with no liquid fuel backup.

– Bi-fuel vehicles use 100% CNG and can also use gasoline which is stored as a backup fuel. This improves driving range between fills.

– Dual Fuel vehicles use a mixture of diesel and CNG at all times.

Converting your vehicle

Massy ACL in Arima, Dumore Enterprises and Burmac CNG are approved converters

Massy ACL

Burmac CNG

Dumore Enterprises