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The CNG EcoDriver Loan Facility is available only to Entrepreneurs (Maxi Taxi and Taxis included), Sole Traders and Micro and Small Businesses.

Minimum Monthly Payment: $685.13
Terms of Loan: 24 months.

Loan Application Requirements:

  • Two (2) forms of valid identification.
  • Proof of address.
  • Two (2) passport size photos.
  • Financial statements, receipts, invoices.
  • Two (2) personal references.


  1. Customer fills out the Online NEDCO CNG ECODRIVER LOAN APPLICATION FORM
  2. NEDCO Representative contacts customer to schedule an appointment.
  3. Customer sends vehicle to CNG converter to confirm if vehicle is approved for CNG kit.
  4. If vehicle is approved for CNG kit, customer completes NEDCO application form.
  5. NEDCO processes application form.
  6. NEDCO confirms application with customer and advises confirmed payment terms.
  7. NEDCO forwards successful applicant to CNG converter.
  8. Customer signs loan contract with NEDCO.
  9. NEDCO places order with CNG converter.
  10. Customer repays NEDCO on agreed repayment terms.

*Subject to normal NEDCO loan criteria.