NGC CNG Company Limited, a subsidiary of The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, NGC, on May 15, 2014, executed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) and United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (UNIPET).

Represented at the signings were: Mr. Curtis Mohammed – President (Ag.) of NGC CNG, Mr. Steve Gosine – Chairman, NP, and Mr. Ronald Milford – CEO, UNIPET.

The MOUs between NGC CNG/NP and NGC CNG/UNIPET represent significant milestones in the effort and outline the terms and conditions for the respective companies regarding the provision of CNG equipment installations, operations and dispensation.

This development allows for agreement and prioritisation of supply arrangements that will allow for the finalisation of target sites to locate upgraded CNG service, retrofitting and new CNG and mobile CNG locations for Phase 1 of the CNG initiative. Indeed, NGC CNG, NP and UNIPET understand the importance of their respective roles in the local CNG supply chain, and together with timely support from the various regulatory and state bodies successful expansion of CNG usage will become a reality.

The criteria for the selection and priority of stations:

  • - the proximity to existing natural gas distribution pipelines;
  • - projected vehicular throughput at the stations;
  • - strategic location of the site vis-a-vis the CNG promotion target, and status of statutory approvals for new sites or refurbished sites.

CNG Laws and Standards in T&T

The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act
The Value Added Tax Act Legal Notice NO. 17
Petroleum (Compressed Natural Gas) Regulations Made under section 29 of the Petroleum Act (Chap. 62:01)
Specification for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems (1st Revision) TTS/NFPA 52:2017 Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS)  National Standard (Available for Purchase)
Guidelines for application for CNG Marketing Licence (CML) and CNG Service Licence (CSL)  
Finance Act No. 13 of 2010 Fiscal incentives for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) were incorporated through amendments to various pieces of legislation via the Finance Act
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act (Chap 48:50) Refer  to the Fourth Schedule of the Act
Income Tax Act (Chap 75:01) Refer to Sections 11 and 48 of the Act
Value Added Tax Act (Chap 75:06) Refer to Section 39 of the Act
Customs Act (Chap 78:01) Refer to First Schedule of the Act