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We’ve seen numerous wonderful examples of local and global corporations, small businesses and the regular citizen stepping up when it matters the most.

Likewise, CNG has also made great strides in supporting our local heroes via the Caremongering Campaign.

This second piece will be an inspirational feature with a CTA for other brands to partner with CNG and the ways make this happen. Snippets from various CNG leaders can be used to support the CTA. The importance of partnerships will also be discussed and allows CNG to take the initiative in growing these partnerships.

This not just allows the reader to reshape their perception of the company as more than just alternative fuel providers, but signals to the public that CNG is paving the way forward for a more collaborative future.

Examples of companies locally and globally who also partnered up and the positive results include:

– CNG partnering with Meals on Wheels to deliver much needed assistance to frontline workers.

– Partnering with Ministry of Education to help vulnerable school children who may not have access computers/mobile devices to participate in e-learning.

– Global companies redirecting budgets to support essential workers, providing PPE and shifting production: Fortune.com

– Global call to donate not just money, but practical solutions: WeForum.org

– This approach aligned with the UN’s SDGs 2030 Agenda and offers an opportunity to add more credibility to content.