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“NGC CNG takes note of the comments from persons about the need for additional CNG stations in areas of East and South Trinidad as well as Tobago.

Natural gas is transported from source to stations (where it is compressed) via underground pipelines and not via road tanker wagons like liquid fuel. The expansion of CNG supply points to some areas of the country is therefore limited by the extent of the pipeline network in the country, together with the willingness of fuel marketers to sell CNG.

Despite this, NGC CNG is exploring alternative mechanisms of supplying CNG to stations where there is no pipeline infrastructure. Once assessed and deemed viable, CNG supply points will be added to the network to address underserved locations.

As NGC CNG expands and improves the CNG supply network, we are pleased to announce that upgrade works, and the requisite approvals are close to completions for the NP Rushworth Street and Point Fortin Stations and CNG will be available at these two (2) stations in the coming weeks. Additionally, NGC CNG is working on making available to the public access to CNG filling in Tobago at the currently fleet only station, at the Cove Industrial Estate.

NGC CNG continues to look at all avenues to expand CNG filling availability in Trinidad and Tobago and will work with all our stakeholders to provide a safe and efficient experience.”