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Mr Curtis Mohammed, President NGC CNG

July 29th 2020 | NGC CNG/NESC Apprentices

Protocol List:

  • Mr Kern Dass, President NESC
  • Colleagues from NGC CNG
  • Representatives from the licensed converters Dumore
  • Enterprises and Burmac CNG
  • Staff of the NESC
  • Other specially invited guests
  • And our CNG apprentices, who are really what this morning is about…..


Good Morning everyone,

I start straight away by addressing the apprentices, the youngest people in this room and the ones with their entire future ahead of them.

I have a question: How does it feel to be a part of a Billion Dollar industry?

Yes, the CNG industry in Trinidad and Tobago, which you have entered, is on its way to becoming a Billion Dollar industry, buy the end of 2020. How is that made up?

1. Sales of OEM CNG vehicles
2. Conversion and servicing of existing internal combustion vehicles
3. Foreign exchange and fuel subsidy saved by Government not having to purchase as much liquid fuel
4. And the money saved by the customers every time they fill CNG at a $1/litre as opposed to $4.97/litre for Super.
So, by the end of 2020, the CNG industry would be a Billion Dollar industry, checking from 2014 to now, 6 years, and you have started your careers in this industry, which will continue to grow, expand and bloom.

I’m happy to say, the CNG industry is maybe one of the few in this country which is expanding and as the economic situation becomes more challenging both here and worldwide. CNG has become more relevant and necessary.

The country is not as prosperous as we once were, Covid 19 has shattered the rules of business, engagement and planning beyond measure. Nearly every sector of business and the economy is having to regroup and plan new strategies, all looking towards cost cutting, innovation and efficiency.

New vehicle sales will take a hit, in fact it has happened already. Persons will hold on to their vehicles longer, companies may not change out their fleets as frequently, and the relevance and importance of CNG will continue to increase.

The demand for conversions and better performing ones will increase, as CNG remains the only viable technology to make your existing ICE vehicle, a more efficient one, saving you thousands annually on your fuel bill and emitting 30% less harmful emissions.

As we are on the point of emissions, some of you would know that Trinidad and Tobago signed a UN agreement called COP 21, committing to reducing emissions from the transportation sector by 30% by the year 2030. And do you know what that commitment was hinged on? The expanded, national use of CNG as a fuel. Yes, for transportation, the CNG programme, is the backbone of that international commitment.

So, gentlemen of the graduating cohort, when you are performing your job, doing your conversions, think of the bigger picture. Think of the industry and the hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and savings involved, think about the fact that you are installing a system which leads to less air pollution, which means cleaner air for your families, think about this tiny speck of land, making a commitment to reduce our emissions, by using CNG and your vital job. It’s not just a job, it’s not just a conversion, its much, much, more, with national and worldwide implications.

The industry still has significant room to grow in the years to come, as we maybe look towards getting approximately 10% of the vehicles running on CNG. NGC CNG along with our regulator the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries are also looking at a system of CNG inspectors, as we fortify safety in the public domain. This system of inspectors, is on the drawing board and you may be a technician today and maybe with sufficient experience, train and upgrade to a CNG inspector tomorrow, looking critically at the conversions, to ensure they were done according to standards.

Since the inception of NGC CNG, in 2014, we have sought to build an industry, and a key part of the industry has been training. One of our first initiatives in 2014 was to partner with the NESC to train their trainers, which lead to the CNG maintenance course.

This was a successful programme and NGC CNG will enter into talks with the NESC to do another cohort this year to satisfy the growing demand for trained CNG technicians in the country.

As I wrap up these brief remarks, I want to thank the licensed converters who have partnered with us, Burmac CNG and Dumore Enterprises, the lovely and supportive staff here at NESC, lead by Mr Dass, my own staff at NGC CNG and all involved in this programme.

To the apprentices, I charge you with the following:

– Work hard and exceed what is required
– Think of the bigger picture, you are not in this alone
– The industry is growing and expanding, you can move up… this is just the starting point
Congratulations once again…..