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The first pillar article will offer deep insight into NGC CNG’s mission, corporate values and how these align with the President and the CNG team’s own belief systems.

This article will be published on the designated NGC CNG LinkedIn page, on the President’s page and any other leaders who have substantial following. A version of the article can also be written as a press for publishing and include a CTA for community groups to reach out to partner with NGC CNG.

The feature will explore the local production of CNG and the benefits this offers to the local social and economic infrastructure. CNG being locally produced and consumed allows the local market to expand, as well as the company’s people and customer base.

As T&T and the rest of the world grapple with the COVID-19, the piece will outline the campaign and why playing a part in the support of the CNG community is vital to the national community on a whole. In this instance, it allows the heads at NGC CNG an opportunity to provide their unique perspectives on the company’s direction and offer supportive, thoughtful solutions that aim to inspire and reassure the public and partners in tandem,

The first piece of content will be positioned at the top of the funnel and structured as an introduction to the CNG campaign.

Some of the key points to be included:
• Using digital and social media outreach to support the company’s ongoing work as well as the population.
• Opportunity to get inside the hearts and minds behind an otherwise technical product.