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“On average, I spend $20 to $23 for the day on CNG. Compared to $100 to $120 in super gas.”

Keilon St. John, Taxi Owner

“I’ve put $10 to top up my tank with CNG, left Chaguanas, went to Siparia and Arima with my a/c on, returned to Chaguanas and never touched my gasoline!”

Derick Balliram, Caparo

NGC CNG, along with several key stakeholders in the state and private sector, continues to provide the lowest cost vehicular fuel available in Trinidad and Tobago.

From inception in 2014, NGC CNG has been working on building a solid, sustainable CNG industry which will serve the population for many years to come. NGC CNG has gradually replaced outdated CNG equipment and replaced it with new state-of-the-art compressors, storage, and dispensers at existing and new to industry fuelling stations.

The CNG industry has generated circa TT$870 million in economic activity and allowed consumers to save over TT$105 million in fuel costs as of August 2020

The CNG industry includes licenced converters and dozens of technicians, OEM suppliers, equipment suppliers, and maintenance technicians, and many other ancillary jobs and services.

Recognising the financial challenges people may face when transitioning to CNG, NGC CNG has provided thousands of sponsored conversions over the past two years to taxis and private vehicle owners. We also offered grants to maxi taxi owners wishing to replace their diesel-powered Maxi Taxi with OEM CNG equivalent.

In 2020, with the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by GORTT, NGC CNG partnered with the Pt Fortin Borough Corporation to provide transportation for their Meals On Wheels campaign which sought to target disadvantaged people in the area. NGC CNG also provided sanitation supplies to CNG service stations for use by their attendants and customers.

NGC CNG is committed to continuing to build the CNG industry across the country by expanding the use of CNG as a vehicular fuel, which allows everyone to save thousands annually on their fuel bill.