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Minimum Monthly Payment: As low as $733.22 or $183.33 weekly payments x4 | 

Maximum Loan Term: 36 months.  

Loan Application Requirements:  

  • One (1) form of Valid ID
  • Job letter (not older than one month)
  • Pay slip (not older than one month)
  • Utility bill (most recent cycle)
  • Two Personal References — From one (1) family member and (2) friend (not living in the same house)
  • Completed Loan Application Form  



  1. Customer to complete application form and submit all additional documents to CNG converter  
  2. CNG converter will vet documents to ensure requirements are met and submit to Courts Ready Finance via email 
  3. Courts Ready Finance to process customer’s application 
  4. Once application approved, Courts Ready Finance will email CNG converter customer payment terms options  
  5. CNG converter to confirm repayment terms with customer 
  6. Courts Ready Finance to provide contract based on customer chosen repayment terms 
  7. CNG converter can proceed to install CNG kit